Teenagers arrested for murder of British man in Costa del Silencio

Update 12 February 2010: It transpires that the police were able to make such a rapid arrest because the two boys had a police record, and their fingerprints were already archived. It was a straightforward task for the fingerprints left at the scene of the crime to be identified as their own. They had previously been arrested for robberies both in houses and vehicles, though the 16-year-old Uruguayan had only one antecedent. The younger boy, however, is said to be a “troubled” individual, and the more dangerous of the pair. He has been detained on five previous occasions, and he had been due to appear in Court for one of these on Friday, 18 February. Apart from the fingerprint evidence which ties these two boys with the crime, police are also awaiting DNA test results. El Dia

Update 11 February: The minors arrested for the murder of Peter Cockshutt are a 14-year-old Chilean and a 16-year-old Uruguayan. The 14-year-old lived in Las Galletas and was in the La Estrella school, which is where he was arrested. Both boys have been in Guardia Civil custody since little more than 24 hours after the tragic event, accused of murder and robbery with violence, with the 16-year-old said to be the accomplice of the 14-year-old, holding the poor man while the younger lad stabbed him.

After a brief appearance in Arona Court 2, where it appears they acknowledged the crime, both boys were transferred to the Valle Tabares Centre, a remand centre for minors in the La Cuesta area of La Laguna. Further information will be sparse in the near future since the Court declared the case sub judice.

Mrs Cockshutt was due to return to Tenerife yesterday, while Mr Cockshutt’s daughter arrived on Tuesday, and was given full information by the Guardia Civil of the tragic events surrounding the death of her father. Mr Cockshutt is said to have come originally from Brandesburton in Yorkshire, but to have lived in Tenerife for twenty years and to have established a business (Eco Aqua Solutions SL) here just last April.

Police are working on the hypothesis that Mr Cockshutt went out to dinner in the Alondras Park restaurant, which is what he told his wife in their last conversation, and that he returned home and surprised the boys while they were carrying out a burglary. The grim discovery of his body was made by the property’s owner after being told by Mrs Cockshutt that her husband was not answering the telephone. It is thought that, by then, Mr Cockshott had been dead for around 24 hours. The house, Urb. Tamaide 1, in Avda Antonio Tavío in Costa del Silencio, is sealed off while enquiries continue. In particular, police are looking for the murder weapon, which has still not been found. El Dia, LO

Update 10 February: Appallingly, the “arrest” transpires to be two children, of just 14 and 16 years old. They have been arrested on charges of robbery and murder. Guardia Civil sources say they are of south American origin, and one of them was arrested yesterday afternoon, and the other late last night. RTVC, C7, El Dia, C24H

Further detail has been given to me by someone who used to know the victim of this murder. With his permission to publish it, I have been told that Mr Cockshutt used to run an electrical business in Hull, East yorks, called Pecos, which did a lot of work in the petrochem industry. It seems Mr Cockshutt was well known in the City of Hull and surrounding area.

Update 9 February, 11pm: A man has been arrested in connection with this murder. There is no further news at present. RTVC

Original post 9 February, 10am: The body of 71 year old Briton, Peter James Cockshutt, was found in his luxury home on the Tamaide complex in Costa del Silencio last evening. He had been stabbed three times, twice in the chest and once in the leg. His body was found by the owner of the property, and although an autopsy is being carried out this morning to determine the exact cause of death, it appears that it was the result of a violent robbery given that the dwelling was disordered and that two windows had been forced open. It appears that Mrs Cockshutt had only left for the UK on Friday, and neighbours had become concerned that a light had unusually been switched on since Sunday, which is when police suspect the murder might have occurred.  RTVC, C24H, DA, Mailonline


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