Thieves arrested for brutal attack on British Costa del Silencio bar owner

Update 25 August: I posted HERE about four men, two aged 18, one 22, and the last 26, all Arona residents, who had been arrested for aggravated robbery in Costa del Silencio. It seems that they will now also be charged with the robbery and attack on this victim, who appears from posts on The Tenerife Forum to be Tony from the Gateway bar.

It seems that as part of police investigations, a ring in the possession of the thieves has been identified by the victim as a stolen item belonging to him. The paperwork processing the four has been put through the courts, specifically Arona court 5, and all four were ordered by the judge to be remanded in prison. C24H

There is no further update on the victim’s condition, but this is almost certainly to be taken as good news, especially since it seems that it was he himself who was in a fit enough condition to be able to help police by identifying the ring.

Original post 20 August: A British man is in Candelaria hospital after receiving a brutal beating from thieves in the early hours of Tuesday morning. The attack happened in his own home in Urbanización Trébol, in Costa del Silencio. The man, 78 years old, is said to be in critical condition with severe head fractures.

It is not yet clear how large the group of robbers was, nor how much they got away with, other than they stole objects of value. The poor victim has lived in south Tenerife for several years, and works in his own bar. The Guardia Civil is investigating. RTVC

Members of The Tenerife Forum have confirmed that this poor man is called Tony, who owns the Gateway bar opposite El Chapperal. TTF

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