British man stabbed in Los Cristianos holiday apartment after couple surprise robbers

A 60-year-old British man is in hospital this evening after being stabbed in the stomach by intruders he and his wife surprised shortly after 6pm last evening in the apartment in which they were on holiday in Los Cristianos.  Police say that the man was stabilized at the scene and is thankfully not in danger though the injury he received was serious. The Policía Nacional is investigating, and seeking the couple’s attackers.


  1. Janet-when can we have some good news-thank goodness he is recovering

  2. This is so sad. I’m glad he isn’t in danger and hope he recovers quickly.

  3. Where was this attempted robbery and stabbing???

  4. Author

    In Los Cristianos. If I were able to say more I would have included the information. As soon as I have my own confirmation that it can be published I’ll update the post with it.

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