British man who was Tasered twice after attacking policeman convicted with 8-month sentence & fines of nearly €500

Updated 31 August: Police say that the British man who attacked a Policía Local officer has been processed through the rapid hearing system and been convicted, and received an eight-month sentence, and to pay both a fine of €180 and a personal payment to the policeman concerned of €300. Police don’t confirm whether this sentence has been suspended or not, but judges have suspension as an option for sentences of less than two years for first offences.

Original post 27 August: Police representatives say that an Arona Policía Local officer was beaten up by a British man after midnight last night outside Rags disco in the Starco centre in the Veronicas area of Playa de las Américas. Police were called out for a disturbance by the bouncer at the nightclub, and the officer needed hospital treatment for facial and leg injuries after the attack, which occurred as he and colleagues tried to break up the disturbance. The British man, identified by the initials J.M.B.S was arrested for assault on a police officer in the course of his duties.

Police say that the initial incident started when four girls and the British man were thrown out of the disco for fighting. The man is said to be corpulent and to have resisted arrest, requiring police to Taser him twice. He was processed through the rapid justice system and is facing a potential sentence of 8 months in prison plus financial penalties.


  1. Sorry Grumpy if you read my post again I blame the behaviour on drink and a thuggish mindset. I have not said this activity does not take place in British towns; I did say that there are not many police officers getting beaten up in British town centres. That is the difference between this case in Veronicas and the drunkeness in Britain.

    I disagreed with the poster when he said you cannot blame drink, which is clearly wrong.

  2. Sorry Snowbird but Neil is correct in that this sort of behaviour is very common in British towns. We no longer appear to have a deterent for this sort of behaviour and regrettably its imported overseas when Brits go on holiday. The standard of behaviour by the Brits whilst travelling to their holiday destination is equally bad. It is not uncommon to see drunken passengers boarding flights and still getting served alcohol in the hope it will keep them quiet.

    When i was a young man you were shunned by everyone if you couldn’t hold your drink when you went for a night out. Its now the opposite, to see who gets absolutely bladdered or legless and includes women.

  3. I don’t agree. Its all to do with drink (and a thuggish mindset). What else do you blame? I don’t think many police officers get beaten up in British town centres by drunken thugs.

  4. Don’t blame verónicas or drink , it’s the same or worse in any British town centre any weekend night after closing time

  5. Shocking behaviour! Hope he gets punished and thrown out of Tenerife.

  6. Of course veronicas encourages drinking, its a big strip of nightclubs, people dont go there for a nice meal……

    Seriously, where can you get pills for a euro??? Thats an absolute bargain!!

  7. Yes agree sometimes drinking causes aggression, but with the prices charged in some of those establishments, it is cheaper to “Pop a Pill” at around a euro a pop. And goodness knows what they cause. Alcohol is no longer the first choice for the younger party generation.

  8. I agree with all the comments but the Veronicas encourages drinking and with drinking comes aggression.

  9. So hope he gets a custodial sentence. What an absolute disgrace.

  10. Only eight months!!!! Lock him up and throw away the key!!!

  11. Hopefully, the police will have given him a cheese baguette, in the cells,where the sun does not shine!!! What a pratt!!!

  12. 27 Aug 2016

    People like him give the Brits a bad name, I hope he gets the max jail sentence and the UK goverment take his passport off hime so he can not visit a foreign Country again and embarass us.

  13. I hope the police get their own back, it makes me sick to read this as gives the Brits a bad reputation! ?

  14. Lets hope he goes down for the maximum sentence.

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