British man under arrest after drunken attack on police over unpaid €4 taxi fare

A British man is in police custody after drunkenly refusing to pay €4 for a taxi, threatening the taxi driver, running into a restaurant kitchen, grabbing two knives and brandishing them at the Arona Policía Local officers who came to deal with him. The incident occurred on Wednesday in the Beverly Hills area. He is currently in the Comisaría in Playa de las Américas, and awaiting a Court appearance.


  1. He’s going to regret that!

  2. I find these incidents involving the English who seem unable to take their alcohol so embarrassing……my children were at school here & were permanently´teased´for want of a better word, about the English drinking more than they eat…..

    Is it true Mum?….. they would ask…….hmmmmmm!!!

  3. The British are drunks and mouthy , hope he gets locked up for a while

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