British nationals still needing to register with police can now go to Santa Cruz without appointment

Updated 4 November: The appointment system for registration of British nationals with the police has worked really well. Some 70 or so British residents are now legal in Spain, with Certificados de Registro thanks to the Adeje FOCUS group acting as intermediary with the authorities. Now, the FOCUS group has issued the statement below (please note that I have no information about the situation in the southern comisaría):


Focus Adeje recently offered a chance to British residents who had still to regularise their residency situation to avail of appointments in the Santa Cruz Foreigner’s Office (Oficina de Extranjería). That offer was open until October 31st, and that date has now passed.

There are still a number of people here who haven’t managed to finalise their paperwork, but now we can confirm that an arrangement has been made with the National Police to allow British residents to attend at the Foreigners Office in Santa Cruz without an appointment, and if everything is in order they will be seen that day and should, all being well, be able to leave with their residency card in their wallet.

The address of the office is Calle La Marina nº20, Santa Cruz de Tenerife (map HERE), and you can attend Monday- Friday 9am – 1.30 pm. If you have any outstanding questions you can still use the, labelling your query RESIDENCY QUERY.

Original post: 8 October: Last Chance:

If you are a British national living in Tenerife and still not registered as resident in Spain, or are unclear as to the permanent nature of your status, the Spanish authorities have released a batch of appointments specifically for the purpose, which are available through the FOCUS group, the Adeje volunteer lobby group for international residents . Since the appointment slots in the South have already all been allocated, these released appointments are all in Santa Cruz. Anyone who has still not sorted out their legal residence in Spain, and who meets the criteria for registration explained HERE, should email the Focus group at, put the words RESIDENCY APPOINTMENT as the subject, explain your specific situation and you will be allocated an appointment. Please note that if you do not speak Spanish you will need to arrange a translator to accompany you to the appointment. We cannot deal with any queries by phone, this is simply to allocate appointments.


  1. please can we have an appiontment
    we heard about this today on the radio
    thank you for your help
    Debbie Fessey

  2. Author

    Please just send an email to the address in the post. It is the only way you can get one.

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