British nationals resident in Canaries going to UK for Christmas advised to take registration paperwork with them to ensure ability to return

The FCDO has issued the following advice for British nationals resident in the Canaries who are going to the UK for Christmas and who need to be assured of being able to return. The FCDO says:

As some of you will be travelling to the UK for Christmas, we wanted to advise anyone who is travelling to prepare for your return to Spain by carrying your residency documents (the green certificate or the new TIE card) with you, which accredit your residency in Spain. If you live in Spain, but do not yet have these documents, we advise you to travel with any documentation demonstrating that you are a resident, for example: the positive outcome of your residency application, the demonstration that you have applied for residency or any other documentation with you that shows that you are a resident in Spain such as a work contract, tenancy agreement or padron certificate.


  1. Mencey, Certainly interesting 90days later!
    We’ve met a few of those “Been here for centuries” folk. Talked to one a few weeks back. He didn’t say much.
    Sheila eventually told me to stop talking to the rock…..

  2. Netherlands also in lock down after monday….. tille 19th of januari, only supermarkets etc open….. quiet Christmas

  3. Is it just me? Or does anyone else feel it somewhat worrying that, somewhere out there/here, there is someone who WOULDN’T automatically do this?

    1. Author

      I guess there are quite a few Brits who have been living here in Tenerife for centuries but have “not got round to the paperwork”, so not registered with the tax authorities, not registered with the police, not got Spanish driving licences, and so on. If they go off to the UK (which they will almost certainly call “going home” despite not being resident there) and try to return after January 1st, it could be rather interesting.

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