British priest arrested in Tenerife being extradited for multiple sexual abuse offences

Update 24 August: Details are still sparse, but there’s a little more information today.  The National Police have said that although a “British” incident, the priest is Irish, and lived in the Arona area while in Tenerife. The offences of which he is accused apparently took place between 1955 and 1991 in more than one church. His youngest victim was allegedly seven years of age at the time of the assault.

Original post 23 August: Spanish Courts are processing the extradition of an 85-year-old priest who was detained in Tenerife under the terms of a European Arrest Warrent requested by Leicestershire. The priest is accused of 16 charges of sexual abuse, one of sodomy, and another ten serious offences against altar boys in south Derbyshire. He is expected to be back in the UK in the next few days to face judicial proceedings.



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