British teenager under police guard after stabbing his family and jumping from a fifth-floor apartment in Costa Adeje

National Police are investigating a stabbing yesterday evening in a dwelling in the San Eugenio area of the Costa Adeje where a 15-year-old British boy attacked his family. Police say that after the assault, the youngster jumped out of the window of the apartment on the fifth floor. His parents required hospital treatment for their injuries, some of which are said to be severe, and the boy himself is to be assessed to see if he has a mental condition that could have been behind the stabbings. At present although not actually arrested he is under Policía Nacional guard at Hospiten Sur where he is in receipt of medical treatment for the serious injuries he sustained in his fall.   

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  1. Article in the Times about the incident this morning; although it states the boy jumped into a ravine after stabbing his parents in front of astonished holidaymakers. It suggests that the authorities believe he has mental issues. The article also refers to the murder of the young welshman last week and the attempted rape of a young girl last month. Although the incidents are dissimilar, by referring to all three, the article tendentiously leaves the reader with the impression that this area is dangerous.

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