Another British tourist mugged in Costa Adeje

Update 16 February: I’m afraid there has been another violent robbery in the same general area, again by three attackers, possibly the same ones who carried out the mugging I posted about below. This time, one of the assailants, a 34-year-old Moroccan from Casablanca, has been caught. His two accomplices are still being sought by police.

Once again, the victim was British, a 47-year-old from Liverpool, who was staying in an apartment in San Eugenio. The attack took place around 1.40 am on Monday night near the taxi rank in the Avenida de España in Torviscas, so at the top of Sunset Harbour. The poor man was initially taken to Urgencias in El Mojón with serious head injuries received from being repeatedly struck by a hard object, possibly a stone. There is no further word at present as to his condition.  El Dia

Original post 12 February: A British tourist has been violently attacked and robbed in Playa de las Américas by three north Africans who are still at large. The mugging took place in Avenida Rafael Puig Lluvina near the Palm Beach roundabout. The man was walking with his wife in the early hours of last Saturday morning when the three attackers crept up on him. He received several blows and was thrown to the floor, where his assailants continued beating him before finally making off with his wallet containing a credit card and 300 Euros in cash.

In another recent incident in the same general area, two Senegalese robbers with police records, who have now thankfully been detained, attacked a young Swedish man as he was heading back to his hotel after a night out at a disco. Such attacks are thankfully not frequent, but are dreadful when they do occur. Be careful late at night in that area. El Dia

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