Body found in Lanzarote confirmed as missing British walker Margaret Holt

Update 31 May: The Guardia Civil has confirmed that this body was of the British walker Margaret Holt. They have also confirmed that her death was accidental and occurred as she tried to climb down a crag to the coast in Haría, and that there was no violence involved. The full results of the autopsy are still awaited to confirm the exact cause of death, but one hopes that the family will at least begin to be able to come to terms with the tragedy now that she has been found and can be returned to them.

Update 27 May 2013: The body of a woman over 60 has been found in Lanzarote, and police think it could be that of Margaret Holt, who disappeared nearly 18 months ago. The body was found in the area of Punta de Gayo, an area of steep cliffs which made its recovery difficult in a procedure which took some three hours, and the clothes seem to match those described as being worn by Margaret Holt when she disappeared. An autopsy will now take place and it is hoped that it will be able to provide a firm identification as well as a cause of death.

margaret holt desaparecida lanzarote

Update 30 December: The search continues today, with the disappearance now reaching a full week. Yesterday nearly 70 bomberos, police, and search and rescue teams, including two helicopters and lifeboats, searched widely for her to no avail.

The authorities have reminded the public that Margaret Holt is 65 years old, with brown hair, 1.65m tall, and slim. When she was last seen she was wearing a pink T-shirt, Bermuda-style light brown shorts, white sandals and carrying a black bag. Anyone with any information is asked to get in touch urgently by calling emergency services on 112, or bomberos on 080 or the Guardia Civil on 062.

Update 29 December 2011: This story has now made the BBC, HERE, , and in Lanzarote, the search is being widened today with a lifeboat being brought in to see if there is any trace of her in the sea. The boat will search the north coast of Lanzarote, in waters off the Teguise and Haría municipalities where rescue teams on land and in the air will now resume a third day’s search.

Original post 28 December: A search was underway as of yesterday in Lanzarote for a missing 65-year-old British tourist named as Margaret Holt, who disappeared on 23 December. She was last seen on that day around 5pm near the Volcán de La Corona.

Margaret Holt is described as having brown hair, being 1.65m tall, and slim. When she was last seen she was wearing a pink T-shirt, Bermuda-style light brown shorts, white sandals and carrying a black bag.

She is said to be in good physical shape and a walker, accustomed to going off on her own. She was staying in the Hotel Barceló in Costa Teguise, and hiking route maps were found in her room which suggest she was thinking of walking in the Risco de Famara area.

The search was initiated on 26 December after her family raised the alarm, having not heard from her for several day. Family members are now in Lanzarote to assist the search effort.

If anyone knows anything about this woman’s whereabouts, they are asked to call emergency services on 112, or the bomberos on 080, or the Guardia Civil on 062.

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  1. So sad, I was in lanzarote when she went missing and I am here again now! So sad to hear this news

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