British woman in Tenerife embodies spirit of Christmas as she delivers gifts to the most deprived children in the Philippines

Rebbecca Hurley is looking ahead in more ways than one. A self-employed translator here in Tenerife where she has lived for nearly 20 years, she has something in mind that she wants to do before going full steam ahead with her future business plans. 

The Grimsby-born 38-year-old mother of two is off to Manila in the Philippines, a destination chosen in part for a holiday, but more specifically to deliver toys and clothes for very disadvantaged children with the help of Rogelio Castro, the man who featured in the BBC documentary The Toughest Place in the World to be a Bus Driver (see HERE and HERE). As Rebbecca says, “I never do ‘normal’ holidays … I like to see the ‘real’ parts of where I visit, how the people live, the culture.”

Rogelio will be making sure that Rebbecca is taken to safe distribution points in the slums to deliver her donations for the poorest. As she says, she watched the documentary a couple of years ago and was so moved by the story, seeing the poverty and situations that for some represent a very harsh reality – children sleeping in tuk-tuks, not knowing where their next meal was coming from, or what future they could possibly have.

Photo: Rebbecca Hurley

Rogelio’s own story itself shows how hard he works to make ends meet for his family by driving his “jeepney” (left), but he is now doing yet more still by helping Rebbecca help those less fortunate for the fortnight she will be in his country. She has now just under a fortnight left herself for organising this, but anyone who would like to help with a donation of new or used toys or children’s clothes just needs to contact her and she will be more than happy to take them. 

Rebbecca can be reached by WhatsApp or phone to 662-150-854 or on Facebook HERE where she will post photos of the trip in due course. She will collect as much as she can but is based in Las Chafiras for those who can deliver. She has also already had some kind offers of cash and says that any monies donated will be used to buy items once she arrives in Manila: Rogelio says that they need essentials such as noodles and other basic food items. The main focus, however, is clothes and toys for the children.  

In what is now clearly the run-up to Christmas, there are few stories so inspiring, or so true to the “spirit” of Christmas.

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