British woman killed in third domestic violence death in the Canaries this year

Updated 4pm: Adeje Ayuntamiento has announced a minute’s silence to express sadness and abhorrence at domestic violence. It is more than just a gesture of respect, however, and the Equalities Department has announced it as a gathering to denounce not just this killing but all cases of domestic violence. As the Council says, enough is enough, silence makes us all complicit. The gathering of protest will be held this Tuesday, 4 July, at 7pm in the Plaza Pedro Zerolo, the new square near the Consorcio, Correos and Health Centre at the bottom of the town. The choice of location is symbolic also because the square is named after someone who campaigned for many years for gender and sexual equality. All are welcome, the bigger the protest the better!

Original post 2 July: The third domestic violence death in the Canaries this year is a British one, and the second in Gran Canaria. It follows a killing at the end of March in Telde, and another a few days later at the beginning of April in La Laguna. Now, in Mogán, a 47-year-old British woman has been killed by her 80-year-old British partner, a former sportsman.

There is much sensationalist detail in the UK tabloids about the incident but as usual the police here are being circumspect with information. What is confirmed is that the man has been imputed for the killing, which means he is a formal suspect under investigation: he will be charged if the Court conducting the investigation decides there is a case to answer, and at that point he will be tried. This is different to the common-law system as applied in the UK whereby someone can be charged with a crime and have a police record even though the case never goes to trial.

On this occasion, however, it all seems pretty clear cut, with the woman seriously injured but conscious, and the man ignoring her difficulties and resisting arrest, when the police arrived. She was taken first to Arguineguín Centro de Salud and then transferred to the Hospital Insular Universitario de Gran Canaria where, sadly, she died.

As I posted after the Tenerife domestic violence death in April, if anyone is in a situation where they are fearful in their own home, please be aware that the authorities here have a raft of measures and organizations to help. Please see HERE, and be reassured that there is an absolute guarantee from the authorities here of confidentiality and safety for any victim of abuse, whether physical or psychological violence, including attacks against sexual freedom, threats, humiliation, coercion, sexual abuse, or deprivation of liberty. It doesn’t have to be physical violence. Don’t suffer. Get help.

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