Female British holidaymaker left naked and hanging by an ankle after fall during sex

A female British holidaymaker mercifully suffered no worse than a broken ankle after falling several metres from the landing of an apartment block in Adeje while having sex with her husband. In her fall, the woman trapped one of her feet in a staircase bannister, which helped to break her fall, albeit in a dramatically sudden way, but which also left her hanging there, upside down and completely naked, until emergency teams arrived.

Police say the woman has been identified as a 49-year-old British tourist with the initials A.M. Her husband is said also to be British. They had been having sex against the railings in the communal area of the complex, and the woman is said to have lost her balance in a moment of careless passion.

On receiving the call, emergency services were dispatched to the scene, which is in Calle Italia, near the Aquapark. Crews were sent from the local and national police forces, from the ambulance service, fire brigade …

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