Bus with 22 British tourists on board overturns in La Gomera

Photo: Proteccion Civil La Gomera.

An excursion bus with 22 British tourists aboard left one badly injured when it overturned onto its side around half past ten this morning in Arguayoda, in La Gomer’a Alajeró area. Emergency services say that the worst affected are a 70-year-old man with head and upper arm injuries, and a 67-year-old woman with back injuries. Others are being treated for light injuries. Bomberos of Valle Gran Rey have secured the vehicle, and the Guardia Civil are dealing with the inident and regulating the traffic disruption caused by the incident, which blocked the road entirely.


  1. On the one hand i admire the balanced, calm reaction of Snowbird to what could have been a really tragic incident, as i my case, fast, experienced reactions BUT as an advanced motorist, ex cyclist and motorcyclist surely these groups ( because they seem in the main to be in gangs) should be forced .
    1. To issue proper road legal rules and general conduct advice.

    2. To ensure, in the apparent absence of individual third party cover, that they have a blanket policy. I have no idea what effect it would have on a motorists own cover had, as was very possible, our two incidents had resulted in a claim. I,ll bet they insure those expensive bikes against theft!

    More generally, competetive cycling is huge business, racing is, as Janet explained, illegal. These racers cannot be out to enjoy our fabulous scenery so , build a purpose made mountain racetrack and we can all have less scary, safer , days out AND further properly controlled cyclesport.

  2. gosh-they were lucky-looking at the ‘photograph things could have been worse

  3. I was recently driving down from Teide and just approaching Arona. I was travelling at around 50 kilometres an hour when I nearly jumped out of my car seat in fright as 3 racing cyclists overtook me at high speed in a whoosh of air and pulled in right across me and sped off into the distance. My friends in the car said I would never live down the fact that I had been overaken by cyclists! The cyclists had the words Bahrain on their shirts and I can only presume they were members of the Bahrain Merida professional cycling team. A new hazard to watch out for on The Tenerife roads!

  4. More than scary, we all trust no long – term consequences. Innocent passengers – which cannot be said of some utterly irresponsible lycra anarchists eg ignoring accepted right of way at roundabouts, overtaking cars on Tiede descent across solid white lines – turned in less than a metre from front of me. Doubtless uninsured, untraceable. Guess who would take blame !!! Is racing on Spanish public roads legal?

    1. Author

      no of course not, racing is definitely not allowed. I’ve put the rules for cyclists HERE, answer to a question in the Driving section.

  5. Just read an article in the Mail and it is reported that the coach brakes failed and only the skill of the driver prevented the coach from crashing into the ravine.

  6. Scary. How has that turned over like that? I was driving in that area myself last week and the roads can be scary but that should not have happened. I do hope the injured passengers all recover quickly

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