Business fury as greens oppose southern train

The Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce has accused ecological group Ben Magec of boycotting development and employment in its latest campaign, which has seen the green group come out strongly against the “southern train” project. The Chamber of Commerce president, Ignacio González, said that businesses will mobilize and will come out onto the street to defend the plan in the face of minority and irresponsible interests which are committed to blocking development and jobs in Tenerife.

Businesses are fed up, said Sr González, with those who campaign under the flag of ecological fundamentalism, but who really specialize in blocking progress and mortgaging the future of many Tinerfenians. As far as the Chamber of Commerce is concerned, the green group’s position on vital matters like electricity supply, the Granadilla megaport, the motorway ring road, or train projects, is gravely prejudicing the socio-economic development of Tenerife.

The train project, stressed Sr González, will improve connectivity, create jobs, fuel economic development, and reduce pollution and accidents on the roads. In short, it has formed a wide social consensus and received the blessing of all public administrations for its potential to be a shot in the arm for the local economy.

Various comments on press reports of this latest campaign suggest that Ben Magec is now being fairly widely seen as likely to be directed, and perhaps funded, by opposing commercial interests, e.g. bus companies in the case of the train project. Whether seen as pawns of cynical and vested business interests, or as modern-day Luddites, have the ecologists finally undertaken one opposition campaign too many?  Canarias24Horas

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