Butane gas bottle prices rise again

Update 23 March: The price of butane gas bottles will rise 6% in April, to a legal limit of €14, inclusive of IVA (VAT). El Dia

Udpate 30 December: And the cost of a butane bottle will rise again, by 3.13%, taking the price from €12.79 to €13.19. The price is revised quarterly, and each quarter in 2010 saw an increase. This latest rise will come into effect from 1 January. PV

Original post 1 October: The price of a butane gas bottle will rise again tomorrow for the fourth time in 2010. The present rise of 2.81% takes the price of a bottle to €12.79.  This price is a legal maximum, and no outlet is allowed to charge more than this. Butane has risen 16.6% throughout 2010, with rises in January, April and July. The current legal maximum in place since July is €12.54. PV


  1. Hello Janet,

    We are moving to Tenerife shortly and will be bringing a BBQ. How do we go about getting a gas bottle please?

    Are they readily available Please?

    Can we get the regulator for the bottle from a supplier?



  2. Author

    Gas bottles need an approved “installation” and when one has been inspected you’re given a chit to take to a supplier – these are easily found, many petrol stations sell them, for example. You can get the regulators here too. Once you have a gas bottle, you simply need to return the old bottle when it’s empty to get a replacement. The law then requires period inspections to ensure the installation remains safe. As far as I’m aware you can make the initial application to register for gas online HERE.

  3. and on the mainland this summer the price for a refill is a very reasonable €11.30 as has been mentioned the maximum price is centrally controlled, in previous years they have cost up to €16+.

  4. ps regulators and the connecting hose/pipe can be purchased from most respectable hardware stores.

  5. We are coming to Tenerife in our motorhome whilst we look at properties to buy. Would we be able to get a gas bottle for our motorhome?

  6. Author

    Technically all installations should be inspected, but it’s possible to buy them from people privately.

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