Cabildo-Ayuntamiento joint body agrees on Barranco del Infierno reopening

photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento

The joint TenerifeCabildo-Adeje Ayuntamiento commission with representatives from the department of the environment has announced that the company charged with care and control and visitor management of the Barranco del Infierno has been told that it may proceed with the reopening of this popular walk once cleaning, drainage and path clearance works are completed.

Both sides were in agreement at the need to maintain the strict security measures in place and extend them if necessary, a normal precaution in zones such as these. This will include an obligatory review of the paths following any weather alerts, unexpected weather changes, or other circumstances that could alter the condition of the paths and the rock-faces along this natural reserve.

The decision to reopen was taken following a full review of the value of the zone, the huge demand from visitors to visit the Barranco all year round, and given the fact that even though the Barranco has not been open since last October when a German walker died in a rockfall, the council says that many people have been walking there with parallel risks as there have been no proper controls in place during the closure.

The Cabildo and Council have therefore said the company may reopen under the strict conditions laid down, including full control of the numbers in the area at any given time with visitors, under the direction of trained guides, made fully aware of restrictions and security measures required to minimise any risk.

The company is expected to announce the actual date of reopening soon, possibly as early as 15 February.

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