Cabildo and police to address notorious El Sauzal bend blackspot

The El Sauzal bend on the TF5 is probably one of the most – if not the most – notorious blackspots on Tenerife’s roads, with barely a day going by without one or more accidents recorded, and it is finally to be addressed by the Cabildo’s roads department. In the first instance, a maximum actual speed limit of 80kmh as opposed to the current advisory limit will be imposed from next week, with the Guardia Civil adjusting the radar there to ensure its enforcement, and considering adding further speed traps on the stretch.

In addition, Carreteras is now going to look at modifying not only El Sauzal’s junction with the TF5 but also the whole stretch of the motorway past the town. The Cabildo is also investigating how to solve the infamous traffic jams on the TF5 into Santa Cruz each morning, and hopes that these measures will play their part in easing the congestion by making traffic more freely, if more slowly, and reducing the accidents that frequently block the motorway at this point.

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