Cabildo announces sports photo competition for amateurs and professionals with prize of €500 for winner of each of six categories

The Tenerife Cabildo’s sports department has announced an “Activa tu vida” photo competition as part of its Tenerife 2030 strategy to get people moving and physically active at all ages. The competition will benefit from the technical organization of the Tenerife Sports Press Association and the collaboration of Intersport Canarias, and winners will share €4,000 of cash prizes. The competition is open to anyone over 16, amateurs and professionals, with full information about submissions, rules and regulations on the Tenerife Sports website HERE and the Sports Press Association website HERE.

The contest has six categories, and organizers say that in all they are looking for images of active people in active photographs. The categories are: Foto Activa tu vida (get active – what motivates you to exercise); Foto Más activa en tierra (land-based sports); Foto Más activa en Agua (water and submarine sports); Foto Más activa en Aire (both air-based sports and sports which involve being in the air from a land or sea base); Foto Más Igualitaria (sports that help to break sexual stereotypes); Foto Más inclusiva (sports for the disabled).

Submissions need to be made before 11 November and will be judged by public votes on the Cabildo’s Sports Department Facebook page HERE. The 20 photos with the most votes will go to a final expert jury to decide the winners in each category, with their final decision announced by 18 November. The winner of each category will receive €500, with the other 14 of the final 20 receiving a €100 voucher to buy sports equipment in Intersport Canarias stores. All 20 finalist photos will be publicly exhibited during the VI Congress of Sport Management and Physical Activity of the Canary Islands to be held at the Hotel Escuela de Tenerife on 22 and 23 November.

The Cabildo has produced the following video to accompany the competition.

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