Cabildo’s constant vigilance behind success in evicting new attempt to settle campsite near La Caleta

Photo: Tenerife Cabildo

Updated 16 February 2021: They said they were going to police and monitor it to ensure they didn’t have to repeat the serious amount of work it took to clear the place and reclaim it as a public coastal area for the enjoyment of all, and so they have. And this week they have removed some 50 individuals who the Tenerife Cabildo says were trying to establish a new camp settlement in the barranco de Los Burros and the area around Diego Hernández beach. Cabildo environmental officials have issued eight infringement notices, the result they say, of the constant vigilance they said they were going to maintain in an area deemed of Scientific Interest.

Updated 27 September 2020: The works started in July to clear the illegal settlements at La Caleta in Adeje have now finished, and today, the Tenerife Cabildo has issued this video of the works and their results. The Cabildo says that the area is protected, a site of scientific interest, and over 100 personnel have been involved in demolishing 122 illegal constructions and removing nearly 20 tons of waste and rubbish in order to restore this unique natural environment and its biodiversity, which had been seriously disturbed, to the public. The Cabildo stressed that the area would now be monitored on an ongoing basis by a superveillance unit comprising its own environmental agents along with those of Costas since the area falls within their jurisdiction.

Updated 14 July: The Cabildo began to clear the illegal settlements early this morning, with Tenerife President Pedro Martín himself on site to supervise the start of the works. The Cabildo has confirmed that the clearance is being coordinated with the Canarian Government and Adeje Ayuntamiento, and carried out with assistance from police and security forces. Local residents cheered as the dismantling and removals started, saying it has been years since they’ve been able to use their own beach because of the okupas (squatters), many suggesting other areas where they say similar action is urgently needed.

Original post 12 June: The Tenerife Cabildo has announced the clearance of illegal settlements in La Caleta, Adeje, designated a Sitio de Interés Científico (Site of Scientific Interest). The Cabildo, along with the Guardia Civil and representatives from provincial Costas (the Coasts department) and environmental agents will start next week to document formally the specific places and numbers of individuals which have been settled in this coastal environment. This will serve as the basis for the clearance proceedings. The protocol will also establish monitoring routines by national police and security forces once the area has been cleared, to ensure that it isn’t resettled, and so that it remains in its natural condition for the enjoyment of all. The Cabildo said that the protocol needed to be set up because the situation in La Caleta, far from new, required the coordination of various administrations – local, insular, regional, and national – and the process which will start imminently needed to be managed jointly.


  1. What a truly amazing job the workers have done, not only in clearing the area of all the rubbish and human waste that these people left behind, but in restoring the rocks etc and removing the graffiti etc. Let’s hope the promise of preventing this happening again is kept. Sadly, as others have pointed out, the problem has now shifted to other areas. What puzzles me is what these people are living on, when so many with a more usual lifestyle are struggling to even find enough to eat?

  2. The removal of the squatters was long awaited ,however,they appear to have simply up-sticks and re-pitched their tents and camper-vans further west and now over-run the beach area between El Puertito and Playa Paraiso. One entrepreneur in the new shanty town has even opened a small bar selling drinks to the passing walkers! Needless to say there is no direct water supply or sanitation.Residents at the recently re-opened Bahia hotel will be dreading a South Westerly breeze bringing with it the smell of human and animal excrement.

  3. So they have shifted from one place to another..and unfortunately that place happens to be Tijoco Bajo.
    Apparently up to Ten families have taken over a building on the main road into Tijoco Bajo and the whole process of dislodging them has to begin again…
    Mean while us citizens who legally dwell here are put in a position of What do we do now…….

  4. Are the “illegal residents” still resident in the buildings by the market in Los Cristianos? i was led to believe that they would be vacating them with a little help from the Local Council in the early part of this year, January?

    1. Author

      The last I heard was that it was still occupied in March despite a Court order last December to clear it. In March one of the occupants was taken ill and it made the news that Cruz Roja and police were assisting.

  5. I hope they have strong stomachs when they start to clear away the communal toilet site and the communal rubbish tip that have been a blight on this wonderful natural location.

  6. I hope they also clean up the ghetto on the Diego Hernández beach.
    “The impact of these settlements without permission in this place of great value, which comes from far behind earning the area the fame of a hippie camp, begins to be very visible in each of the coves. Accumulated rubbish, alterations in the terrain, marks in the dunes …” They sell all kinds of things, food, drinks, etc.
    What about hygiene?

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