Cabildo confirms works to connect San Blas with Los Abrigos

Photo: Granadilla Ayuntamiento.

Tenerife Tourism chief Alberto Bernabé recently visited the municipalities of San Miguel and Granadilla to explain to residents the works that will provide a new connection between San Blas and Los Abrigos. Bernabé said that the project involves a wooden footpath with footbridges to cross two barrancos as well as five seating zones with shaded areas, viewpoints, and a plaza-mirador in front of Los Abrigos beach. The contract has been awarded to Señalizaciones Villar at an estimated cost of over €1.2m, and works will be carried out in six phases to allow the existing path to continue to be used.


  1. This sounds a lovely idea, but is it really necessary when there is already a path of sorts which is easily followed. I think the money would be better spent improving Los Abrigos as it is approached from the El Medano road. The unfinished grey apartment block makes the whole area looked unkept – such a shame for a depressing first view of what is really an attractive area spoilt by the approach.

  2. I agree with everything Helen Ball has had to say. They will spoil the area by over sanatising it.

  3. I think it’s a brilliant step forward. We used to walk that route 4 times a day to school and back but it’s dangerous as it is.

  4. Work on the new pathway progresses slowly.
    The dangerous steep climb in the middle has gone and a new zig zag has been started, much safer. Two weeks ago two bridges were put in place one at each end of the pathway.
    When completed it will be a real asset.

  5. Can’t agree with Helen at all……the trail is treacherous and this is a much-needed upgrade to the lovely harbour at low abrigos

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