Cabildo encourages public to use bus and tram special services for Santa Cruz carnival

Photo: Tenerife Cabildo
Photo: Tenerife Cabildo

The Tenerife Cabildo is encouraging the public to use buses and trams for the Santa Cruz carnival period to ease traffic use in the capital. Titsa and Metropolitano de Tenerife will have carnival services between 28 February and 9 March, both providing not just increased frequency, but additional security and parking discounts at the intercambiador.

La “campaña carnaval” was presented yesterday by the Cabildo’s director de Movilidad, Manuel Ortega, and Titsa chief, Jacobo Kalitovics. As Sr Ortega said, “we are trying to adapt to the needs of carnival-goers and to offer an alternative means of comfortable and safe travel for everyone who wants to enjoy Santa Cruz’ carnaval programme.

Information on the services, times, routes, etc., can be found on the companies’ websites: and, as well as on their social networks via Facebook and twitter. Both also offer a mobile app – a pioneering initiative unique to Metropolitano de Tenerife – which allows for an electronic version of the bono card. Titsa for its part is offering a prize draw for free Titsa travel throughout the year (see the facebook page HERE)


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