Cabildo introduces new bono to make all public transport available for €60 a month

The Tenerife Cabildo has announced a new bono ‘Tenmás’ which will make any and all public transport in the island available for a single monthly payment of €60. The new measure has been announced by Tenerife President Carlos Alonso, who said it is a move to try to help, in part, reduce the island’s roads congestion. The unemployed will themselves benefit from a bono providing a 75% discount on the cost of a journey, and the Cabildo will be introducing some free services at specific times of the day on the most congested routes in both north and south.



  1. How do you receive this??? I have a tenmas card and registered my card??? Do you have to put 60 euro credit on the card ,their was nothing on the website about this offer …any advice is appreciated thank you

  2. Author

    This is a brand new announcement of a forthcoming bono … there is no information as yet published about the detail.

  3. There are four different Bono’s available under the Tenmas scheme. One is for commuters and students, this is the one that costs €60 a month. A second is for pensioners and the disabled. The third is a personalised card (the others don’t have your DNI etc ). And the fourth is for casual/occasional users. You get this fourth card from the same places you would buy Bono Via cards and you can load it with a minimum of €10 and top it up via the Tenmas website. If someone has obtained a card from the website it’s probably not the right card, unless they travel daily.

  4. Oh, just remembered, the second card which Pensioners can get us only for those with low pensions. I think it was less tha €600 a month. All can be loaded on the website but you need to load them the day before you want to travel.

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