Cabildo involves Guardia Civil to deal with rock daubing in the National Park

Photo: Tenerife Cabildo.

The Tenerife Cabildo has handed over to the Guardia Civil evidence that someone has been painting rocks in the national park. The Cabildo says that its environment department is liaising with the Guardia Civil’s environmental unit, and that a detailed report with images of daubs and images that have been painted in the Llano de Ucanca and even on the top of the Guajara peak has been handed over so that Seprona can determine the appropriate investigation and action. Fines of between €150 and €600 can be imposed for damaging the National Park in addition to having to repay the costs involved in restoring any damage.

The Cabildo said that it particularly wanted to express its absolute condemnation towards any acts that jeopardize one of the island’s main environmental and touristic heritages. The Cabildo also thanked the collaboration it has received from the public and reiterated the importance of bringing any incident of this type to the notice of the National Park agents, indicating times and locations, so that reparations can be made and appropriate actions taken at the earliest opportunity.

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