Cabildo prettifies area around TFS/TF1 junction to improve impression at gateway to Tenerife for when tourism resumes

When tourism resumes properly, visitors will get a better immediate impression of Tenerife than previously because the Cabildo is remodelling the area around the junction for the southern airport. Cabildo roads councillor Enrique Arriaga said that the zone is strategic since it’s the gateway to Tenerife for the vast majority of visitors, and that the works would result in integrating the environs of the airport with the surrounding landscape through strategic use of local stone and native flora. The Cabildo says that the prettification will take two and a half months or so and cost around €150,000; the area of the motorway around the junction will also be retarmacked though this will form part of the general retarmacking works on the TF1. There is a video of the works below.