Cabildo puts fire risk measures in place

Update 18 August: Just a reminder that these measures have not been lifted – fires in the mountains are still banned, including a prohibition on using BBQ areas.

Update 9 August: It was just eight days ago that I posted the following, but the measures are now back in place for the heatwave that has already arrived in Tenerife – we have a warm gale at mid-altitude.

Original post 1 August: With another heatwave coming, the Tenerife Cabildo has banned agricultural and recreational fires in the mountains as from today, as well as works with machinery or any tools that could cause sparks. It goes without saying that fireworks are also banned. The Cabildo has also asked the public to avoid forest tracks and, indeed, to stay away from the mountains generally as far as possible over the next several days. These measures will remain in force while weather conditions are such that the risk of fire is increased.


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