Cabildo to set up permanent commission to protect La Victoria’s Pino Centenario and to add it to Catalogue of Monumental Trees of Macaronesia

It’s not just human health that is being cared for here in Tenerife. The Cabildo has visited the northern town of La Victoria to monitor the condition of an ancient and enormous tree known as the Pino Centenario, an “árbol monumental” – monumental indeed! – and protected as “island heritage”. The tree is said to have been where a Mass was said after a battle in 1495 – the municipality and its eponymous town bearing the name of a famous victory during the ultimately successful Spanish conquest of the islands. It’s not just a Pino Centenario, but a Pino Multicentenario!

The Cabildo says that it is hoping to create a permanent commission to safeguard its health, and which will also add the tree to the Catálogo de Árboles Monumentales de La Macaronesia (Catalogue of Monumental Trees of Macaronesia – the four archipelagos of Canaries, Cape Verde, Madeira and Azores).

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