Cabildo unveils strategic investments for 2016-2021

A whole raft of strategic development investments for 2016-2021 – Marco Estratégico Plurianual de Actuaciones para el Desarrollo de Tenerife 2016-2025 – were announced yesterday by the Tenerife Cabildo. Tenerife President Carlos Alonso said that the five-year strategy (a regular investment plan) will focus on employment, social assistance, and the development of infrastructure, as well as a longer-term view to assist young people into work through education and training.

Introducing the plans, Alonso said the investment amounted to some €409m, and included social services, employment assistance, language training, scholarships and grants, and start-up business help. In terms of physical infrastructure, he included the already announced new sports and leisure harbour in Puerto de la Cruz (link), as well as improvements to the insular bus system, including the bus stops plan and an intelligent transport system, and renovation of the TF65 San Miguel road from the TF1 junction, works which have been awarded to Transformaciones y Servicios SL for €1.3m and which are expected to last just over a year.

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