Cabildo warns pet owners in Güímar valley to be on guard as it seeks to clarify “massive poisoning” of cats

Photo: Tenerife Cabildo.

The Tenerife Cabildo’s Environment Department is investigating what it calls a “massive poisoning” of cats in part of the Güimar valley. The Cabildo says that last month environmental personnel received a denuncia from an Arafo local that six of his cats had been poisoned, and started an investigation to find areas in which poisoned bait had been laid, as well as providing for increased vigilance in the area. A body was also removed for toxicology analysis. The Cabildo has reminded the public that the use of toxic or poisonous substances is banned, and can be treated as a criminal offence also under the Código Penal. Environmental agents are continuing to work in the zone to try to avoid new cases and clarify what has happened. Meanwhile, anyone with pets in the area is urged to take the utmost care.

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