Cabildo’s environment department call on public to help protect ospreys in Los Gigantes cliffs area while chicks are hatching and nesting

Photo: Tenerife Cabildo. © Beneharo Rodríguez.

The Tenerife Cabildo’s environment department has said that it will be increasing vigilance in the Los Gigantes areas to protect the ospreys that make the cliffs their nesting site, the last bastion of the species in Tenerife. Environmental units in the Teno Rural Park remind the public that regulations prohibit any interaction of any sort by the public with the osprey, including trying to catch them, disturbing them, invading their territory or nests.

The osprey is under some pressure globally as a species, and has worried environmentalist with a fairly pronounced decline in the Canaries over recent years. The authorities ask the public to collaborate with them in seeking to enhance its protection here, including abiding by the regulations and helping to spread the word. In particular, it is vital to avoid any kind of negative effects while the chicks are still maturing and in the nest.

Many times, say MedioAmbiente, we are unaware that our presence and proximity can cause this sensitive species significant stress, and so until 31 August, especially in the coastal area of Barranco Seco and the Teno area more generally, the authorities will be checking compliance and enforcing regulations. These are:

➡️Do not navigate or drop anchor within 250m of the cliffs due to the ospreys’ need for optimal territory for food, rest and shade;
➡️Avoid loud noises and use of public address systems;
➡️Do not fish from any part of the cliffs near the shore;
➡️Do not hike in any areas near nests.

The osprey’s future depends on us all.

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