Cabildo’s ITER unveils 19 free recharging points for electric vehicles as part of plans to promote use of new generation cars

Photo: Tenerife Cabildo.

Not too many of us have electric or hybrid cars at the moment, but things are changing, and with more than half an eye to the future the Tenerife Cabildo’s subsidiary Instituto Tecnológico y de Energías Renovables (Technological and Renewable Energy Institute) has provided nineteen recharging points for electric vehicles in the ITER centre on the Granadilla coast. And what is more, the recharging is completely free, with anyone able to drive up and recharge their cars at absolutely no cost.

The Cabildo says that the nineteen points have a total recharge power of 166 kW, with three of the points being rapid recharge. The new facilities are part of the Cabildo’s collection of plans to promote the new generation of vehicles and incentivize the switch from petroleum-fuelled cars; the measures which will be unrolled over the next couple of years will include 415 recharging points in all.

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  1. This is potentially (ha ha) a really interesting development. However, what I suspect will happen is that everything will be free of charge (ha ha) until a lot of people have committed themselves to buying electric vehicles. Then they will not only charge the cars but will also charge the owners, and the cost will be higher than the cost of running a petrol car. But then the owners of electric cars will have no choice.
    If you think I am being cynical, then take look at what happened with solar panels, which were subsidized hugely and then taxed unfairly after people invested in them.

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