Calima until Thursday or so will be followed by normal winter conditions, but the prevailing feature today is the wind that wasn’t forecast for Tenerife

Photo: Aemet Canarias.

You might have noticed the wind … it is very windy, at least in the median√≠as! It wasn’t forecast. All that was forecast was calima, none too dense either, with wind today in the eastern islands spreading west tomorrow with no wind for Tenerife. Yeah right. Howling it is, and we will have calima they say until Thursday or so, when normal winter conditions will return with some cloud and rain and temperatures decreasing again. Meanwhile, with the calima we can see in the satellite image above from Aemet, at least it’s a bit warmer right now, for now, but that damn wind, and the dust it blows up along with the Saharan sand, is a pain in the proverbial! Batten down the hatches!