Callao Learning Centre announces school year 2019-2020

Updated 6 July 2019: It’s hard to believe it’s five years since the last update to this post, but the Callao Learning Centre has gone from strength to strength in that time. The website HERE has been updated … have a look HERE for some reviews from delighted parents. Today, too, the school has announced its school year 2019-2020, and there’s a Facebook page HERE.

Updated 24 June 2014: I’m really pleased to pass on the  marvellous news that the Callao Learning Centre now has the certificate recognising it as a British School in Spain after a successful inspection earlier this month. Well done to all concerned!

Original post 9 June 2013: I occasionally get asked for information about schools in Tenerife, and perhaps the most commonly asked question is whether there are British schools here. I’m happy, therefore, to pass on the details of the Callao Learning Centre, a newly founded British School that works with international pupils who wish to study in a British system but who may not fit the entrance criteria of the bigger schools on the island. The following has been provided for me by the school itself.

The school philosophy is that all children are individuals and work to their own education plan, so that whenever they arrive their work is planned specifically for them in a topic based curriculum. This way no child is ever missing out on basic skills as we just work from the point they have reached using whatever subject we are covering at that moment.

The British Council have just awarded a certificate recognising our British status after the monitoring committee studied the documentation containing the information about the systems, curriculum delivery and assessment procedures in place at the school before agreeing to award the certificate.

This document will now be part of our quest for registration by the Spanish Authorities as a legally recognised school on the island delivering a British Type education. The Centre will be subject to periodic inspections to ensure that the status is maintained and that British Curriculum standards are upheld.

There is more information on our webpage

I can be contacted as follows:

Jean Simpson
B.Ed(HONS); Cert. Ed.
922 742 000 / 695 978 551

Callao Learning Centre
7 & 8 CC Albatros
Calle El Jable 42
Callao Salvaje
38678 Adeje

I think that our profile blurb from HERE sums us up very well:

The Callao Learning Centre is a British School in Tenerife for multinational children aged 4 -12 years. With over 40 years experience in the UK educational sector, Jean Simpson the school head, fully believes that children are individuals; ‘they learn in different ways and at different speeds’.

That is why each child at the Callao Learning Centre has an individual education plan based on the UK curriculum. It’s designed to enhance their strengths, overcome their weaknesses and broaden their skill sets. All this is achieved in a dynamic interactive atmosphere where the small class size promotes the ‘one to one’ which forms the central pillar of their learning experience.

Residents of Callao Salvaje, where this English-speaking school in Tenerife is based, refer to their community as ‘the village’ and in many respects the Callao Learning Centre has the feel of the traditional village school but with 21st century teaching techniques. Reading is taught by successful phonics-based methods and computer skills are a daily activity.

Of course the core subjects of English and Maths form the backbone of the curriculum but these are integrated with Spanish lessons, PE and dance. In addition, the flexibility which characterises the school’s ethos allows time for art and pottery sessions delivered by visiting specialists.

Lessons are taught in a structured environment via a listening, supporting, encouraging and befriending approach which helps to engender self confidence and a natural curiosity in the children.

Pupils are from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some started their education there. Others met barriers to their educational development in previous schools and needed the targeted personal help offered by Jean Simpson and her team to overcome these obstacles.

Official classes run from 9.00am – 3.30pm.

It may well be that you’re happy with your child’s current school but feel they need a helping hand in certain subjects. Individual or group private lessons in Tenerife are also available between 4.00pm – 6.00pm to bridge the gaps.

So whether your child is about to start their educational journey or feel they would benefit from the different approach on offer at the Callao Learning Centre, request an appointment to discuss their individual needs.


  1. Hi there
    I’m looking for a British school in south tenerife?
    Can you send me more info as can’t seem to get onto callao learnibg website.

    1. Author

      I’m afraid I don’t have more information, just what was reported above. You might have had a temporary glitch because the links work for me, to the website itself and to the school’s Facebook page.

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