Callao Salvaje Beach (original thread)

Update 15 March:  Update 15 March: Today’s photos:

Update 3 March: And more pictures of Callao Salvaje beach from today …

Update 8 February: Here are the latest photos from today by John of The Tenerife Forum

Update 12 January 9pm: Coincidentally with John’s photos today, the press is reporting that the Playa de Ajabo, the new beach in Callao Salvaje, will be finished by March.

Update 12 January: Here are some photos taken today by The Tenerife Forum member Big John, who is resident in Callao Salvaje.

beach 1 jan2012

beach 2 jan2012

beach 3 jan2012

beach 4 jan2012

beach 5 jan2012

beach 6 jan2012

Update 26 November: Here are some photos taken today by The Tenerife Forum member John, who lives in Callao Salvaje. Things are coming on well, with planting in front of Mirador de la Gomera, and the new jetty underway.

beach november 26-1

beach november 26-2

beach november 26-3

beach november 26-4

beach november 26-5

Update 8 November: Adeje’s councillor for tourism, Rafael Dolado, has said that the works on the Playa de Ajabo, Callao Salvaje beach as we know it, will finish, albeit late, in March 2012. The proposed works have expanded from the original plans mainly because of the need to protect the beach by restoring the little harbour wall.

Rafael Dolado explained that although this was not contemplated in the initial project, Costas in Santa Cruz has applied pressure to complete all the works in one project. The additional work to the harbour will involve an extra half million Euros, bringing the total expenditure to 1.8 million Euros.

Update 1 November: Here are some photos we took today while in Callao Salvaje.

callao beach 1 1 nov

callao beach 2 1 nov

callao beach 3 1 nov

callao beach 4 1 nov

Update 25 October: After at least a couple of months where very little or even nothing has happened, due in part to an extended summer holiday, locals report that work has started again. Putting paid to the usual Tenerife rumours, in this case that the “council has run out of money”, Linda, a member on The Tenerife Forum HERE, who lives in Callao Salvaje and is the wife of John who has generously provided the photos I’ve used previously, reports that:

Concrete mixers have been coming in and they seem to be preparing the area below the barranco to let water flow naturally into the sea without disturbing the beach. The stone crusher is working hard again and hardcore went down the other day to raise the beach and they now seem to be spreading sand? !!!! from the massive mounds.

Update 31 July: A few more from John again, taken yesterday.

callao beach 30 July 1 (490 x 368)

callao beach 30 July 2 (490 x 368)

callao beach 30 July 3 (490 x 368)

callao beach 30 July 4 (490 x 368)

callao beach 30 July 5 (490 x 368)

Update 14 July: Here’s a couple of photos taken today, again by John. There isn’t a huge difference from last time, but the subtle changes carry on bringing the new and longed-for beach closer and closer!

callao beach2 July 14

callao beach3 July 14

Update 28 June: I’ve had several enquiries asking for the latest photos, so thanks to The Tenerife Forum member Linda’s husband, John, here are some taken today.

callao beach1

callao beach2

callao beach3

callao beach4

callao beach5

callao beach6

Update 30 May 2011: Here are a few photos of the works as of today on the beach area in Callao Salvaje. As they show, the whole project is coming on in leaps and bounds. Many thanks to The Tenerife Forum member Linda, a resident in Callao Salvaje, for the photos.

Callao beach 1 may LH

Callao beach 2 may LH

Callao beach 3 may LH

Callao beach 4 LH

Callao beach 5 LH

Callao beach 6 LH

Update 14 December 2010: And the stone-turning ceremony did indeed take place as promised, with a good crowd in attendance, and the circle for the little round kiosk already lined out on the area above the new beach-to-be. It will be a year, they say, before works are completed, but it is hoped that the beach and newly refurbished surroundings will be in use by the summer.

Update 10 December: Island Connections are claiming that Adeje Ayuntamiento have confirmed to them that works on Callao Salvaje beach will start next Tuesday, 14th, at 5pm, with the public welcome to attend the “stone-turning ceremony”. I can find nothing anywhere else on this, so it does seem to be an individual confirmation from the council to the paper, but Adeje Ayuntamiento would be very unwise to commit to such a public ceremony if it wasn’t really going to happen. Turning the first stone, however, doesn’t say too much about when the real work will begin, but if it is a formal commencement, then they have only a limited time in which to do it, and I understand they’re committed to a year. Island Connections

Update 18 September: Adeje Ayuntamiento has awarded the contract for the renovation of Playa Ajabo in Callao Salvaje to Corsan-Corvian Construcción. Works will start in November, and are expected to take just over a year, though the vast majority of the works should be completed ready for use next summer. The budget is just over 1.2 million Euros.


Original post 20 January: At long last, the works for the new beach at Callao Salvaje have been put out to tender. The works are estimated to cost over 1.7 million Euros, and are to be concluded within one year. This beach is finally happening, after years of waiting, and the process is now formally recorded in the Boletín Oficial del Estado (BOE).

Adeje Ayuntamiento has ceded the coastal land to the Department of the Environment  for the beach, which will be increased in size, and incorporate viewpoints, rest areas, a wooden walkway, pathways and a refreshments stand. Adeje Ayuntamiento will subsequently maintain the area, which will be substantially improved by the works. The icing on the cake for the new beach is that it will comply in all respects with the specifications for a Blue Flag beach. Callao Salvaje is about to get the facelift it has long requested, and long deserved.  Diario de Avisos

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  1. We cannot wait to come out again, It’s been 1 year, the longest time away, but so much has happened and the beach we have all waited for, seem’s like forever, but now coming together. Fantastic!

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