Callao Salvaje Coviran held up

Police say that a gunman held up the Coviran supermarket in Callao Salvaje on Sunday night, forcing his way into the supermarket at the point that the staff were about to leave. Threatening them, he managed to get off with the takings that were in the tills at the store at the time.


  1. Robbing a tiny supermarket using a gun. Are they sure this is correct?
    The guy must have been totally mad he should have robbed a bank.
    The prison sentence is the probably the same because he used a gun.

    All for around a few thousand Euros at the most.
    What is Calao Salvaje coming to these days?

    1. Author

      Yes, quite clear, the information is direct from the police. Of course it might have been a replica, they cannot know until he’s arrested and the “gun” is examined. The sum of money hasn’t been confirmed to me, but I understand it was a few hundred Euros.

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