Calle General Franco to be renamed

Update 14 June:  Just 185 of the 80,000 registered residents of Arona voted in yesterday’s election. They were able to choose three from the ten suggested names, in order of preference, and the clear winner was Los Playeros, the traditional name for residents of the old fishing town. The concejal de Participación Ciudadana, Eva Luz Cabrera, said that the result will now be taken to a council meeting for approval by the municipal authorities and indicated that the street will be officially renamed within two months.

Update 31 May:  The election for the new name of Calle General Franco will be held on 13 June. Anyone over 18 and who has been on the padron in Arona since before 31 December 2011 may vote.

The proposed new names which will be voted on are:

Los Artistas
Las Marchantas
Los Costeros
Los Playeros
Marcelino Camacho
Bartolomé de Sarabia
Juan Rodríguez Feo
José de Viera y Clavijo
Nicolás Álvarez Hernández
José Manuel Encinoso Mena

The council says that the vote will not be binding, but will be taken into account when the final decision is made.

Original post 30 April:  Arona Ayuntamiento is to rename Calle General Franco in Los Cristianos as required by Ley 52/2007. A commission will meet at the Cultural Centre on Wednesday to verify the proposed new names for the street. These will then be published for election by the public. The date for the election will also be determined on Wednesday.

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