Can you help FACT help little Raúl while he battles cancer?

FACT hopes that people will pull together to help 8-year-old Raúl who is suffering cancer. FACT stands for Fighting Against Cancer Tenerife, registered as a formal asociación and so a charity as we would understand the word (see HERE). The association is registered as Moira Dixon y Amigos Contra el Cancer with number G1/S1/23010-17/TF. Moira Dixon herself says that Raúl “has, and still is, having a terrible time with his battle against cáncer.  FACT have been supporting Raul and his mum and dad for these past few months but decided we wanted to do a fundraiser with all proceeds going towards helping them”.

Moira says that to date, Raul has had all his treatment in Berlin, but just last week his parents were told that this is no longer allowed, and so as he desperately needs to continue with treatment FACT is now trying to help bring this little boy back here to Tenerife.  If anyone would like to help, the poster gives some further information about Raúl and his situation, as well as details of the event which is on Saturday 20 January in The Club House, Palm Mar from 5pm.

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