British woman no longer missing after being spotted in Los Gigantes bar

Updated 25 May: Sources say that at last Anne is back in the UK with her family. Hopefully this will be the end of her worrying ordeal, and she will now get the help she needs.

Updated 23 May: Sources say that friends and family have been contacted by the British consulate who have now removed this woman from the missing list. Seemingly she was seen in a bar in Los Gigantes, and Candelaria hospital has been informed because alcohol is counter-indicated with her prescribed medication. The British hospital which had treated her previously has also been informed of the situation should she return to the UK, though this is not expected because she has expressed an intention to travel on to Italy. The alert, as such, is therefore over, though it seems this woman’s problems might continue.

Updated 19 May: Unfortunately, Anne has signed herself out of the hospital, which means they are no longer responsible for her care. Her whereabouts are unknown, and police are searching for her.The Consulate is also involved. Anyone with any information should contact the police or Consulate.

Updated 11pm: Anne was found this afternoon, and has been taken to Candelaria Hospital where her situation is said to be giving concern. Friends of the family here say that her relatives are currently on their way to Tenerife to take her home for assistance back in the UK.

Original post 18 May: Family and friends of 31-year-old Anne Maura Drury are extremely concerned because she has disappeared in the Los Gigantes area after arriving in Tenerife on Friday night. She is thought to be under severe mental stress and in need of medical assistance, and her holiday rental apartment was left in a state that suggested a psychological crisis. Her disappearance has been reported to the police, but anyone with any information is asked to contact Wendy Muldowny on 699 633 553 or Policia local in Los Gigantes on 922 867 033.

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  1. I do hope she is gets well soon.
    It is good that she was found and that family are on their way to help her.

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