Body found of missing La Laguna man

Updated 19 July: Tragically, Hermes’ family has confirmed that he has died, his remains being found by hikers in the mountainous area of Igueste de San Andrés in north Tenerife. He appears to have been walking on a path when he fell a great distance, seemingly dying instantly from the fall. The family say that DNA tests have confirmed the remains are those of Hermes, and that he died in late March. Missing Persons agencies confirm that the alert has now officially and sadly been deactivated.

Updated 5 April: Hermes’ brother Brandon is now in Tenerife searching but still not meeting any luck. They ask anyone who knows anything to get in touch, and phone the numbers on the SOS poster. If readers could share this on their own social media as well the family would be very grateful.

Updated 1 April: Hermes is still missing from the La Laguna area, and his family are desperate for news of his whereabouts. They say that two of the family are flying out over the next couple of days, and that they have not received much help so far, though they think this could be because Hermes suffers from bipolar, a condition which they believe the authorities don’t much understand. It has now been nine days since he was last seen and the family plead with anyone who has seen him to call the police.

Original post 28 March: Hermes González López has been missing from the La Laguna area for the last five days. He is 36 years old, 5’2″ tall, weighs 9.5 stone, with brown hair and eyes. When last seen he was wearing jeans and a black shirt. He needs medication. If anyone knows where he can be found, please call the police or the numbers on the poster.

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