Can you help find this missing man?

Another missing person, this time Antonio Muñoz Romero, 32 years old, originally from the south of the mainland but presently in La Laguna doing a Masters Degree in Astrophysics. He has been missing since 16 April. Colleagues at ULL say he has vanished as though the earth had swallowed him. The family, father, mother and a sister who is a doctor of medicine, are all in Tenerife helping with the search. Antonio was recently at home in Cádiz for a family wedding and keeps in regular contact with his family. Moreover, it appears that he had just popped out, with only the door key taken: documents, wallet, personal belongings, and so on are still in his room. His family fears the worst, but police have at least discounted a connection with the body recently found off the Guía de Isora coast. Family and police ask anyone who knows anything to pass on their information as quickly as they can to the numbers in the poster above.

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