Can you help Óptica Downes help us all even more with a retinography machine?

I’ve posted before about Óptica Downes in Calle Grande, Adeje, (see HERE too), saying how superb Adal is – infinite patience, infinite understanding, incredibly good English – but this time, I’m posting for a different reason. As we have had personal reason lately to discover, it is one thing to get one’s vision tested, but another thing completely to get the actual physical state of our eyes checked. Apparently, the UK and Spain are the only countries in Europe where annual eye tests – of the physical eye – are not commonplace, and yet the eye is subject to more problems than almost any other part of our body, from simple irritation through to retinal detachment.

Adal is qualified and able to perform these tests, and to be able to offer them, is intending to get a retinography machine. These cost up to eight or so thousand Euros, however, and it will be some time before his small business can afford one. Such a facility will give us all a huge advantage – and would have saved my own family money and distress if one had been available earlier this year. So, I’m “on the beg”. The acquisition of this machine will help this super little business offer us all an invaluable service … so can we help him acquire one?

I asked Adal this morning to set up a business paypal account and I will have the details soon. When I do I’ll post them here. If we can all afford a small amount as a donation that service will be available to us all much more quickly. Believe me when I say that I now know that serious eye problems are not a walk in the park, and that early detection of any internal physical problems could, ultimately, not only save someone’s vision, but also their physical eye itself.

I know that many people have already benefited from using Óptica Downes, so if we can each find a few Euros to contribute when I post the paypal account details I know we will all be very much better off, and in the process help a local small business offer an even better service than the excellent one already provided. Fingers crossed that this machine will be in Optica Downes months and months before it will otherwise be available.



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