Can you support women who’ve had a mastectomy by helping the new initiative to provide supportive bras?

Photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento.

Solidarity has always been one of the fundamental pillars of the Carrera por la Vida-Walk for Life Foundation and now there is a chance to offer support for women who have had a mastectomy – support in more than one meaning of the word. This is because a new initiative – the BRA project – will see a specially adapted bra given to every women who has undergone a mastectomy.

The project was presented today to Adeje health councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo by the president of the Walk for Life foundation herself. Brigitte Gypen says that to “ensure a rapid recover, particularly after such a invasive procedure such as a mastectomy, one of the important elements to take into consideration is the use of a bra following the operation, one that is made to fit each patient, made from a particular material that isn’t abrasive, that closes in front, is comfortable and can be adapted to suit the needs of each woman”.

Funds are needed to buy these adapted bras, to administer and promote the campaign to inform about the project, deliver the bras, etc. Councillor Trujillo Bencomo pointed out that “the council has always been ready to offer and improve services which impact directly on the quality of life of individuals. To that end we have improved the integral service to ontology patients on offer, a preventative lymphedema diagnostic service, a transport option for patients who need treatment in hospitals and a water-based programme to help prevent lymphedema. All of these services are in partnership with the Spanish Cancer Association with whom we have worked closely over the years”.

The Walk for Life movement recently became an official Fundación – i.e. an organization we would recognize in British terms as a fully audited charity. The Foundation can depend on a number of donations that have been received from various sponsors and other individuals, and are also happy to accept more voluntary (and anonymous if so desired) donations. Brigitte Gypen assures that “any monies given to the Foundation are used strictly and only in the fight against cancer and legally declared to the state, and anyone can check to see that all donations are properly registered”.

According to the cancer observation unit of the Spanish Association against Cancer, one in eight women will suffer from breast cancer. The AECC says that 1,132 cases of breast cancer were diagnosed in the Canary Islands in 2017, an increase over the numbers for 2016. The BRA project was born out of this reality, and works to meet a real and existing need, to give these women who have had a mastectomy something that is essential to their recovery.

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  1. I was interested in this feature, in that a family member has just undergone fitting for her post-mastectomy bra in the UK. She had wide variety of choice in stlye, and to be provided by NHS . All pre and post op care and diagnoses
    done in specialised breast care centre in her local hospital
    which she reports as ‘second to none’ from start to finish.
    These bras are an essential part to recovery and should come as part of the ongoing treatment in the same way that other essential aids are provided eg:colostomy equipment and such.

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