Canarian Airways takes off, the first 100% regional airline for the archipelago

Photo: Tenerife Cabildo.

The Tenerife Cabildo has announced a new airline that’s 100% Canarian called, appropriately enough, Canarian Airways. The Cabildo says that the airline, which is led by Ashotel and One Airways as well as the Cabildo itself, will start operating from the second half of June from TFS initially with just one 144-seater aircraft. Tickets will start to be sold and can be booked from next month and in theory is expected to fly between the Canaries and Madrid, Barcelona, and Bilbao, as well as Glasgow, Cardiff and Berlin.

President Martín said that today’s importance was not just the launch of a wholly Canarian airline but in symbolic terms representing the capacity of the island’s business fabric to face current adversity primarily caused by covid. Martín said that he fully expected the airline to show its importance in the future, backed as it is by the Cabildo’s 25% stakeholding and its experience in tourism promotion. The President said that the ethos of the airline is that flying is not just something one can do but that one has a right to do, and so fares will be set at reasonable and non-speculative prices with passengers not squashed in to maximise profit.   

It’s obviously early days for this, and it’s only being presented officially today, but this could be a sign of things to come as we go back to basics in some form, with comfort and reasonable pricing dealing with fewer numbers … it’s the same story we’re hearing again and again now. A whole new world …


  1. This varient was reported to have been found in Germany back in January so not doubt it has already spread across european nations even if not the prevalent strain …… for now.

  2. I hope we can keep the ban on flights from UK for quite a while longer having just read (BBC news on line) about the cases – only a few so far in England and Scotland – of the Brazil variant which is, by the sound of things, a little more vicious than the previous ones.

  3. Thanks for the information and advice. Sounds a bit dubious.One plane operating could bring problems if there is a technical fault. Doesn’t sound too well thought out.

  4. Having read the article again I can see that its possible to book from next month.

  5. I just thought it might be possible at this stage to look at the fares and timetable.

    1. Author

      As of yet, there is just the announcement. They have no plane even though one (just one) is envisaged, no premises, no slots, no flying licence, and the financial backing is somewhat suspect. In addition, there’s a ban on UK arrivals and restrictions generally on entry. I’d hold my horses, if I were you.

  6. What has happened to the new Canarian Airways?. I cannot find any links to it.

    1. Author

      I’ve moved your comment to the post I made just eleven days ago. I’m not sure what you’re thinking might have happened to the airline but as the post says, it “will start operating from the second half of June from TFS initially with just one 144-seater aircraft”.

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