Canarian camel recognized as a breed in own right, Europe’s only autochthonous camel

[youtube][/youtube]The Canarian camel has been recognized as a breed in its own right, the only autochthonous dromedary recognized in Europe. We have 1,200 of them in the Canaries, and they are now included in the official Spanish Catalogue.

Exactly how it differs from the Arabian version is unclear to me, but the regional Consejería de Agriculture says that the Canarian camel is characterized by a strong constitution, medium size, with well formed and muscular legs: relatively short and stocky for a camel … a Canarian feature in general, perhaps.

Like its Arabian counterpart, it is actually a dromedary, but keeps the name “camel”, with which it is traditionally associated. It is said to have arrived in the archipelago from Africa around 1405, and despite its history here in transport and agriculture, its principal role today is in tourism.  C7

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