Seven Tenerife cheeses awarded as half Canarian entries in World Cheese Awards 2016 win prizes

Seven Tenerife cheeses awarded as half Canarian entries in World Cheese Awards 2016 win prizes

Photo: Agroinformacion

Updated 19 November: Half of the Canarian cheeses entered in the World Cheese Awards 2016 have won prizes. The results from the event being held in San Sebastían in the Basque Country were applauded by Narvay Quintero, the Canarian Government’s Agricultura, Ganadería, Pesca y Aguas minister, who said that last year 18 cheeses received awards out of 60 entries, and so this year’s 48 out of 97 is a stunning achievenment.

Of the prizes available, Canarian cheeses won 2 supergolds, 11 golds, 19 silver and 16 bronze, with the supergolds going to a Lanzarote sheep cheese and a Fuerteventura mature pimentón. Tenerife’s prizes were a gold for the Queso de cabra curado añejo con corteza de gofio from Flor de Güímar and silvers for Queso de mezcla añejo de cabra y vaca and Queso viejo de mezcla from Montesdeoca. Bronze prizes went to a semi-cured goat cheese from Biogranja Montesdeoca and three almogrotes from La Reina and Montesdeoca.

Original post 23 August: The World Cheese Awards 2016 will be held in San Sebastián in the Basque Country, this year’s European City of Culture, between 16 and 18 November. The competition is part of a wider International Cheese Festival which is recognized as the most important in the world for cheese producers. This year, Canarian cheese will be heavily represented, say deputy director of the primary sector Abel Morales, festival director Luisa Villegas, and José Díaz-Flores, director of the Canarian Food and Agricuture Institute.

The Canaries’ representation is being organized by the Canarian Government, which will itself have a stand at the Festival, promoting the cheeses from these islands to an international audience. There will also be a range of top chefs there to show how our cheeses form part of a top quality culinary experience. The following video will give a flavour of the festival, and I’m sure I won’t be alone in hoping that Canarian cheeses do at least as well as in 2015 when they won 15 awards!



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