Canarian College of Physiotherapists warns against untrained beach masseurs

The Official Canarian College of Physiotherapists (COFC) has issued a warning to Ayuntamientos about the health dangers of untrained masseurs operating on the islands’ beaches. The organization of professionals maintains that if an amaterur masseur treats someone, there is a potential health risk to beach users, given that the non-professionals do not even conform to minimal hygiene conditions.

This could be the least problem, however, since the so-called “clandestine masseurs” (masajistas furtivos) might not only transmit illnesses from one bather to another, but they are known to cheat their “clients”, assuring them that they can cure pathologies like muscle spasm or other muscular lesions. As such, they are breaking Canarian health law, because they omit any evaluation of the health of the individuals they are treating, and provide techniques that could worsen unsuspected conditions or even create fresh problems.   Canarias24Horas

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