Canaries leads fall in European traffic accident fatalities with 57% reduction in deaths

The Canaries heads the table for the greatest reduction in road traffic accident deaths in the whole of Europe, with a fall of 57% since 2003. Spain as whole saw a reduction in fatalities of 43% in the same period. The figures were given by the new regional head of Tráfico, Eva María Canitrot, and the Director General of Tráfico, Pere Navarro, who congratulated all drivers in the Canaries for their splendid achievement in reducing accidents and deaths on the islands’ roads.

Sr Navarro recalled how the EU had set the challenge in 2001 of reducing road traffic accident deaths by half, and said that it had been very widely considered to be an extremely difficult target to achieve in such a short space of time. In fact, he said, no EU country has managed to reduce deaths even by 50%, but drivers in the Canaries have succeeded, and should feel immensely proud of themselves for what has been, in essence, a complete change of civic culture.  Canarias24Horas

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