Playa de La Tejita to reopen Saturday 20 January after water confirmed free of fuel

Updated 10pm: Granadilla Ayuntamiento has announced that playa de La Tejita will be reopened to the public tomorrow, Saturday 20 January, since the Canarian Government’s Public Health Department has confirmed that the water is free of any fuel.

Updated 19 January: The Canarian Government has deactivated its Marine Contamination Contingency Plan as of 7pm this evening with the verification that the spill has been completely stopped by CEPSA divers sealing the leaking valve.

Updated 8pm: The Canarian Government has announced that the spill, of kerosene/paraffin, has been controlled.  The spill has been localized and sealed. CEPSA will now spend the next several hours carrying out necessary works at the site. The Coastguard has been working to identify the spill along with the Canarian Government’s Emergencies Unit, which will fly over at first light to update the situation. Granadilla Ayuntamiento will keep playa de la Tejita closed in the meanwhile as a precaution.

Original post 18 January: The Canarian Government has activated its Marine Contamination Contingency Plan (PECMAR) after a fuel spill off the coast of Granadilla. Granadilla Ayuntamiento closed playa de la Tejita as a preventative measure after the Plan was activated by the regional Government just before 6pm this evening, and work is ongoing to establish the extent of the spill which has already reached the Espacio Natural Protegido (Protected Natural Space) of Montaña Roja. Initial analysis suggest that the spill is of a “light fuel” from a CEPSA refuelling point for boats serving TFS. The spill is currently continuing.

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