Canarian Government changes text of law covering coastal properties under threat from Dept of Costas

The Canarian Government has voted to change the text of the laws relating to the demolition of coastal properties. The vote was carried thanks to a Coalición Canaria (Nationalists) and Partido Popular (Conservatives) majority, with the PSOE (Socialists) voting against because they believe it will cause problems with the national Government. None the less, for the moment, the law will be changed to reclassify some coastal properties in danger of demolition from the category of rural, to urban. To qualify, properties will need to demonstrate an ethnographic, architectural or picturesque value, and be located in the coastal areas covered by the Dept of Costas, whose interpretation of the existing law was deemed tortuous, arbitrary, and sectarian. The Canarian Government made it clear that the law was not intended to assist coastal development, but to protect the thousands of Canarians whose existing properties were in danger of falling foul of demolition orders. Canarias24Horas

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